The area code for the entire Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA, the land of six months of winter with another six months of rough sledding, and just about the prettiest place on the planet.


A Yooper staple food that is made from an entire pie crust and stuffed with meat, potatoes, rutabagas, and other filling foods that will ensure that it equals 2,384 Weight Watchers points. The Cornish miners who brought them to the UP didn’t have to worry about WW points, but they did have to figure out how to take along a portable meal which could be heated up over a candle flame. These guys were super smart to have invented the pasty, but not quite smart enough to keep it from getting confused with an item most commonly found in a strip club: the food is pronounced “PASS-tee.,” not “PASTE-tee.”


A resident of Michigan who “lives under the Mackinac Bridge” that connects the upper and lower peninsulas.


The Upper Peninsula of Michigan, also called the UP, the Yoop or the Upper Hand, which refers to how Michiganders identify where they live. Go ahead, try it. Have your hands facing you, palms up. The UP is the upper left hand that sits on top of the lower peninsula’s “mitten.” Detroit sits below the right thumb, and the Keeweenaw peninsula is the entire left thumb. I dare you to find a Michigander who will explain to you where they live without whipping out their “map hands.”


Yay! We finally made the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Yooper noun Yoop·er \ˈyu̇-ər\
: a native or resident of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan – used as a nickname